The LANE Man is a luxury fashion and travel magazine inspired by raw aesthetics and authentic journeys.

A platform that celebrates the wildly unconventional — the extraordinary paths of men forged by an innate passion and purpose, the craftsmanship of artisanal products unrestrained by symmetry, and the discovery of places imbued with story and soul. 

As a pre-launch to the full site (revealed soon), we delve into the stories of 5 inspiring men — from Humanitarians, to Musicians, Actors, Hoteliers and Entrepreneurs, who have built their entire worlds around what drives them innately.  It was a journey that took us to different corners of the globe to experience their unique vantage points and inspired philosophies — inside Icelandic glaciers, to vibrant Mexican villages, New York City rooftops, Californian canyons and the Blue Mountains of Australia.  

And while intrinsically the nature of each man was wildly diverse, a distinct thread of continuity wove this group of men together — the use of their time. They’re men who refuse to let life just happen to them. Deeply aware of what lights them up, every moment is viewed as a chance to place themselves in situations that evoke the greatest sense of growth or personal fulfilment. Men who disregard society’s measures of success, and make bold choices guided by their own. An unwavering courage to allow passion and authenticity to fuel their individual journeys.

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